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Here is a list of more birds we have for sale.


Finches: Pintail Whydah 20.00 Pin-tailedWhydah_J00-Male1.jpg (27919 bytes)
  Strawberry 35.00 Strawbwry finch.jpg (7301 bytes)
  European Gold 40.00 Eoropeangoldfinch2.jpg (30869 bytes)
  Bronze Wing Manikin 15.00  
  Orange Weaver (young) 10.00 Orangeweaver.jpg (26100 bytes)
  Read Face Stars 60.00 Redfacestarr.jpg (14133 bytes)
  Rosy Rump Waxbill 25.00  
  Cordon Bleu Blue Capped  55.00 Cordonblue1.jpg (21021 bytes)
  White Hooded Nuns    25.00  
  Black Hooded Nuns 30.00  
  Silver bills  25.00  
  White Belly Canaries 40.00  
  Java Normal  40.00 Java Normals.jpg (8614 bytes)
  Java White    50.00 Java white.jpg (6253 bytes)
  Java Cinnamon 50.00 Java Cinamon Fown.jpg (4958 bytes)
Avery Raised: Ring neck Parakeets: 11 months old Indian Ring neck Yellow  235.00 indian ringneck Yellow.jpg (22676 bytes)
  Indian Ring neck Blue 260.00 zIndian Ringneck Blue2.jpg (13365 bytes)
  Indian Ring neck White  300.00 Indian ringneck White2.jpg (14718 bytes)
  Indian Ring neck Gray  300.00 Indian Ringneck Gray.jpg (19564 bytes)
Canary-Wing Parakeets: Green, Yellow, Variegated Males 
65.00 canaryweengparakeets.jpg (36267 bytes)
  Canaries Females  45.00  
  Yellow Canaries Young Unsexed  55.00  
Cockatiels 6 to 7months old Grey  30.00 PastelOlivecock.jpg (33342 bytes)
  Cinnamon  35.00 cinamon pied.jpg (23773 bytes)
  Pearl  40.00 PearlsplitYCPdcock1.jpg (31962 bytes)
  Pied  40.00 Chinamonlutinopearlpied.jpg (25003 bytes)
45.00 Lutin cockatiel.jpg (35937 bytes)
Diamond Doves: Silver and White tail 20.00 D BlueWhiteFemale.gif (54258 bytes)
Parakeets: Young Parakeets (mixed lots 50/50)  10.00 Parakets.jpg (17478 bytes)


If you are looking for some birds that you do not see in the price list, there are many that we can get that we only get on special request, such as Siberian Gold Finch, Shaft tail Chaffinch, Read headed parrot finch, Blue headed parrot finch, Purple Grandier, Red faced star, Yellow faced star and lots more. 


For Further info please use the contact page, or click here:



We ship by the airline for $89.00. We guarantee live delivery.

All of the orders must be pre-paid in advance by Cashier checks or Money Orders. We can special order certain birds with two weeks advance notice



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